Attack On Titan's Real Escape Game Coming To New York City

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Attack on Titan’s “Real Escape Game” recently revealed the time and location of the New York City version of the the event. Previously only confirmed for West Coast locations in Los Angeles and San Fransisco, East Coast residents will now have the opportunity to pack into a stadium, solve puzzles, and escape the city before everyone inside is devoured by Titans this April.
Based on the hit manga series Attack on Titan and subsequent anime series of the same name that it spawned, the Real Escape Game puts players in the role of a scout-in-training. In typical Attack on Titan fashion, things go awry during the Initiation Ceremony, and the group of trainees are then required to escape a Titan invasion or face being eaten alive by the creepy, toddler-like giants.
Once the event begins, thousands of players will be locked inside a stadium and required to solve a series of puzzles and other obstacles to escape. Throughout the hour or so that participants will be locked within the stadium, they’ll work together on a bevy of different scenarios that require “detective skills” and good ‘ole brainpower. While teamwork will make the event easier, it is not required. Participants can play themselves or with a team of any size, but 3 to 6 is recommend for the ideal experience.
Particularly important for anyone with an Attack on Titan friend who gets dragged along to the event, no prior knowledge of the anime or manga series is required, and no “special skills” are required to solve the puzzles. Knowing a little about the back story will enhance the experience, of course.
Phones and cameras are allowed, but it’s requested that you not upload any kind of spoiler or clue hints to social media or online.
The event in San Fransisco ran on February 1st in AT&T park and attracted more than 5,000 players. Next up on the docket is Los Angeles, which will have its own Real Escape Game event on March 21st at Weingart Stadium at ELAC. And finally, New Yorkers will have the chance to escape on April 11th at the Richmond County Bank Ballpark.
Tickets for the newly announced location go on sale February 19th at $30 a pop for advanced purchases. Anyone buying a ticket at the door will pay an extra $5. Similar to the events in San Fransisco and Los Angeles, the games will occur at 10:30am, 2:30pm, and 6:30pm, with doors opening 60 minutes prior to the beginning of each event. Each one runs about 1.5 hours long, including an introduction and quick walkthrough to get you ready for the impending apocloypse. Event coordinators are serious about keeping everything under wraps and contained within the stadium, so anyone who does not arrive by the time it starts will be turned away.

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Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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