Dying Light Exploit Lets You Create Unlimited Item Duplicates

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A Dying Light exploit has surfaced in Techland’s survival horror game which allows gamers to create unlimited duplicates of items, which in turn can be sold for in game cash – at least on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A video posted on YouTube a few days ago by PowerPyx outlines the steps required to duplicate almost any item.
It turns out disaster relief packages can also be duplicated which allow you a quick boost to Survivor rank 25 once you turn them in. The only items the dupe exploit doesn’t work on is actual weapons. It appears to work but once you take the item from your bag and place it back in your inventory it is reduced to a single weapon.

This glitch / exploit lets you duplicate any item in the game by using the player’s stash (it does not work with weapons, only items e.g. throwing weapons, weapon upgrades, valuable items, crafting materials, disaster relief packages, quest items). This is extremely useful for making a lot of money and it also allows you to reach survivor rank 25 instantly by duplicating packages from aidrops. It works like this:
Step 1: Buy as many lockpicks as possible. Every merchant has them. 1000 lockpicks would be ideal, but it works with any amount (the more you have, the faster you can duplicate other items). You can pick another item of your choosing instead, but lockpicks are the cheapest. Whatever item you choose, just make sure you have a lot of it.
Step 2: Put your lockpicks in the player’s stash (that’s the bag next to your bed)
Step 3: Highlight the lockpicks in the stash and press X+O (PS4) / A+B (Xbox One). This will throw you out of the stash and a grey window will show up for a short moment. Don’t press anything until the grey window disappears
Step 4: Open the stash again and press Triangle (PS4) / Y (Xbox One) on the item you want to duplicate. You can scroll down your inventory if needed. The item you select in this step will be duplicated 999 times if you started with 999 lockpicks
For quick money: duplicate pouches, bolter tissue, weapon upgrades and other valuable items.
For quick Survivor XP: duplicate the Disaster Relief Packages you get from airdrops and quarantine zones. Turn them in at the quatermaster. If you have 999 of them you will be survivor rank 25 instantly.
Also use this trick for medkits and metal parts. Now you can always repair your weapons for free and heal yourself as often as you want. It’s also a good idea to duplicate weapon upgrades and crafting parts for your favorite mods. Some quest items can be duplicated too!

Check out the walk through below.

I’m sure we’ll be seeing a fix from Techland soon for this as developers are usually quick to fix unintended glitches that provide players with a quick boost.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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