More Hunger Games Films May Be Coming After Mockingjay Part 2

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Lionsgate loves money, and who can blame them. With it you can buy all kinds of things, like food, a house, or a United States Senator. The team at Lionsgate plan to keep the Hunger Games money train alive and well past Mockingjay Part 2, at least according to CEO Jon Feltheimer.
Den of Geek is reporting that Feltheimer has confirmed long-standing rumors that the studios is interesting in pursuing more Hunger Games films, and even deviating from the books. As Feltheimer put it, Lionsgate is “”actively looking at some development and thinking about prequel and sequel possibilities.”
To date, every single The Hunger Games film has brought in at least $600 million worldwide for Lionsgate. The first Hunger Games, released back in 2012, grossed $691.2 million, and its follow-up made even more money with a staggering $864.9 million. The latest entry in the series, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, has slowed the pace a bit by only (“only”) taking in $714.8 million.
Given the expansive world that author Suzanne Collins has written in The Hunger Games, there is a lot of material that Lionsgate could choose from for a prequel or sequel story. Prequel being the most obvious, as the story of the global war that lead to the Districts being created is one that fans would flock to theaters to see.
Extending book adaptations past their source material is an emerging trend for studios as they begin to exhaust the content of the books only to realize that fan interest is still surging. Warner Bros. is doing the same with Harry Potter and the upcoming spin-off Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, which is a trilogy based off of a another smaller book written by J.K. Rowling that deals with the creatures found in the Potterverse.
Not that they’ve run out of source material by any means, but James Gunn also recently revealed that the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie will not be based on any comic, and will instead change a lot about characters and tell an original story.
Stepping away to the small screen, Game of Thrones is scheduled to blow past George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire serires within the next few seasons, and will also begin to deviate a bit from the book its based on. The Walking Dead, based off of Robert Kirkman’s comic book series, is another series that fans can’t get enough of and is getting its own spinoff series set in LA. Much like any potential Hunger Games future films, it will not be based on any previously written books.
With so many other young adult books being translated and stretch to their limits while still making piles of cash, it’s likely that similar series – The Maze Runner, Divergent, etc – may follow the same path when they run out of books to adapt.
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Last Updated on November 28, 2018.

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