Legend Of Grimrock iPad Port Coming This Spring

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The indie-developed dungeon crawler Legend of Grimrock is making the jump from PCs to iPad tablets sometime this spring. Currently in closed beta, the Legend of Grimrock iPad port is reported to include “all features and all levels” found in the original game now optimized for touchscreens. Developer Almost Human also posted a video showing the port’s progress.
If you’re hoping to jump into the beta and solve puzzles while slaying horrible monsters on the go, you’ll likely be waiting for a while. Almost Human is keeping the invites close to the vest and only a select few participants will be added to the beta testing process. This decision to keep the beta test extremely limited is meant to give the developers the ability to “personally interact with the testers much better and thus get better and more accurate feedback.”
Legend of Grimrock has been out on PC since April of 2012, and is an old-school at heart dungeon exploration game with a heavy emphasis on puzzles and quick combat. Moving in the PC version is done by either using a keyboard and mouse, or clicking the arrow keys to move your group from a first-person viewpoint through a gid-based series of dungeons.
Interestingly enough, the ability to use a mouse click to move your character was not in the game during its initial launch. It was not until a gamer – who was forced to use a mouth stick due to a disability – questioned the developers on the lack of mouse usability. When Almost Human developer Petri Häkkinen heard of the request, and the reasoning behind it, he quickly added the feature – which is now one of the factors making the iPad transition easier.
Looking at the short demo video posted by Almost Human, playing on a touchscreen device looks as natural as anything. Every button is perfect reach of most normal thumbs, and there is always the option to lay your tablet down if you’re hoping for a quick round of carpal tunnel.
Along with iPad devices receiving a port of the first Legend of Grimrock, the second game in the series is getting set to make its way onto Apple’s home computers. Legend of Grimrock 2 for OS X is scheduled to be released in March.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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