Buhel Soundglasses Let You Hear Without Earbuds


A new entry into the smartglasses field, sans-screen, has more than exceeded their $80,000 Kickstarter goal. There are 29 days left of their campaign remaining and they already have raised over $200,000. Buhel Soundglasses, a simple sunglasses concept, features two bone conduction speakers in both temples of the glasses allowing you to listen to music and more with your ears being free of earbuds.

Aside from music, there is a multi-function button on the underside of one of the arms that will allow you to answer phone calls or ask Google Now, Siri, or Cortana a question to get a quick answer. With the powerful functionality of those assistants you can still perform quite a bit of actions without having a screen to look at. The microphone for the glasses are set in the bridge of them and is noise canceling as well.

Buhel Soundglasses

Bone conduction speakers are nothing new, the technology has been around for a while in formats from regular headsets, hearing aids, and other smartglasses like Google Glass. The Soundglasses speakers seem much larger than that of Google Glass and with being on both sides of your head it might make them more functional in noisier areas. Charging these new smartglasses is done through micro USB that is near the multi-function button. As far as battery life, they claim to have a 3 hour talk time with 300 hours of standby which will increase to 5 and 500 respectively if they reach the $500,000 stretch goal.

The lenses for Buhel’s Soundglasses are also interchangeable, allowing you to switch between shades/clear lenses in about 10 seconds according to the campaign. They already have a variety of different lens options available and even include the ability to add prescription lenses for those who require glasses to see. The Soundglasses are also IP56 certified so there shouldn’t be any issue with them getting a bit of water on them if you happen to be caught out in the rain.


To back Buhel and support the Kickstarter campaign by picking up a pair of Soundglasses early it will run you anywhere between $125 and $225 depending on how many of the lenses/add-ons you want to go with. They should arrive between April and July for you to test them out early depending on the package you’re going with. Retail price is set to be $270 with an estimated release date of late summer this year.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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