Terraria Getting A Dark Gritty Reboot With Terraria: Otherworld


How can you improve upon the fun and lighthearted sandbox hit that was Terraria? Put it in a darker alternate dimension of course! At least that’s the plan that Re-Logic and Engine Software have with the upcoming Terraria: Otherworld, which was announced earlier this week.
From a brief trailer posted by the developers it looks as if the game will retain some of the same mechanics from the original Terraria, but it will have a heavier emphasis on combat and RPG elements. Unlike the original game, Terraria: Other World looks like it’ll have a fairly extensive story as well, putting players in a role to save a “once-pristine world.” From the official synopsis posted with the trailer:

Set in an alternate dimension within the Terraria universe, Terraria: Otherworld places the player in a life-and-death struggle to restore a once-pristine world – now overrun by a malevolent force that has corrupted nature itself – to its original splendor. Along with a rag-tag band of survivors, will you be able to successfully harness the power of an array of weaponry, magic, defenses, and even the world itself to thwart the designs of this unseen evil?

Terraria itself caught on shortly after the similar game, Minecraft, caught fire. It’s available on several platforms ranging from the PlayStation 4 to the Amazon Kindle Fire, and DRM-free on PC thanks to GOG.com.
Currently there is no announced release date for Terraria: Otherworld on Steam Greenlight or otherwise. The game is currently in the pre-alpha stages of development. Should you happen to be in San Francisco the week of March 2nd and want to catch a glimpse of the sandbox action RPG, the developers will be at GDC in booth #2230.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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