House of Cards Season 3 Premieres Tonight!


Well, technically it’s House of Cards Eve since by “tonight” I mean that it is available at 3am EST for those of you planning on staying up to binge-watch the award-winning drama series. However, if you are constrained at all by typical buzz-killing things like a job or any other type of responsibilities, you will probably end up like those of us at MOARGeek watching the Netflix original series tomorrow after all those obligatory things.
Netflix will release all 13 episodes in their entirety on February 27th, the intended release date, despite accidentally leaking the highly anticipated third season briefly on February 11th. Viewers will reunite with Frank and Claire Underwood as Frank takes on his new role as President of the United States. Questions on the ultimate fate of Stamper (which we probably already know, but maybe there is hope!), Rachel, and the hacker Gavin will hopefully be addressed as well as what Raymond Tusk will be up to, if Lucas or any of his meddling will come up at a terribly inconvenient time, and of course plenty of new shenanigans the Underwoods will get themselves into this go around.
house-of-cards-season-3Having won Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series at the Screen Actors Guild Awards as well as a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Television Series Drama so far in 2015, Kevin Spacey returns to his role as the ruthless and magnificent Frank Underwood, wooing audiences with his intimate relationship with viewers in his inner-monologue style of talking and dulcet tones laced with southern charm. Alongside him, Robin Wright, nominated for the same accolades as her male counterpart in the show, will return as the cut-throat Claire Underwood, impressing viewers with her brutal honesty, dominating presence, and a stark emotional side to the strong, independent woman that she portrays.
How will you be celebrating House of Cards Eve? Will you be streaming at crazy hours of the morning or did you clear you calendars to binge the series over the weekend? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Google Plus!

Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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