AMD Releases Virtual Reality SDK at GDC

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Advanced Micro Devices, more commonly known as AMD, is a popular chipmaker based in Sunnyvale California. While many companies are venturing into the VR market, AMD is the latest, announcing “Liquid VR,” at the Game Developers Conference today. Liquid VR is an SDK that will allow developers to create higher quality virtual reality content with a focus on decreasing latency, lessening lag between real time movement, and virtual reality response.

The SDK, Liquid VR, is also built to bridge gaps between virtual reality headsets. From VRfocus:

The aim of the kit is to make VR development accessible and combat issues such as simulation sickness. ”You can plug an Oculus Rift into a computer and start 3D rendering directly to the headset, even without Oculus’ SDK,” the company noted during a presentation. The first version of the SDK includes an affinity multi gpu – one GPU per eye rendered simultaneously, avoiding any duplication.

A relationship with Oculus was fostered a little over a year ago, and from there Liquid VR was born. With it came the endeavor to push for the most immersive virtual reality possible. AMD argues the way to achieve this is building reliable and responsive hardware and software that will support an uninterrupted and reactive virtual reality. This announcement may also hint at AMD creating a chipset explicitly for virtual reality.

As many other companies gear up for VR product launches, more and more competition is slowly emerging, forcing incredible innovations in virtual reality software and hardware. With AMD’s new SDK though, the world of VR development has become much more accessible.

What virtual reality applications do you hope to see come out of 2015? With an increasing number of virtual reality products entering the market, do you see virtual reality playing a role in your every day life? Let us know in the comments below, or on social media!

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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