Want To Trick Out Your New Tesla? Tesla Would Prefer If You Didn’t


Say you just dropped your hard-earned money on a brand new Tesla Model S, and you wanted to add a giant Carbon-Fiber spoiler, or LED lighting throughout the interior.  First off, either of those things would be ridiculous, the Model S is an amazing looking car as it is (hey Tesla, I’d still be happy to review one, just let me know, ok?), but furthermore, Tesla really doesn’t want you tinkering with their your Model S.

In their 2014 Annual Report to the SEC, Tesla specifically mentioned after-market modifications as a potential risk to their company:

If our vehicle owners customize our vehicles or change the charging infrastructure with aftermarket products, the vehicle may not operate properly, which could harm our business.

Oh really?  How so?

Automobile enthusiasts may seek to “hack” our vehicles to modify its performance which could compromise vehicle safety systems. Also, we are aware of customers who have customized their vehicles with after-market parts that may compromise driver safety. For example, some customers have installed seats that elevate the driver such that airbag and other safety systems could be compromised. Other customers have changed wheels and tires, while others have installed large speaker systems that may impact the electrical systems of the vehicle. We have not tested, nor do we endorse, such changes or products. In addition, customer use of improper external cabling or unsafe charging outlets can expose our customers to injury from high voltage electricity. Such unauthorized modifications could reduce the safety of our vehicles and any injuries resulting from such modifications could result in adverse publicity which would negatively affect our brand and harm our business, prospects, financial condition and operating results.

Fair enough. I can certainly understand that tinkering with the electrical system on an electric car might have unforeseen circumstances when it comes to safety and performance.  I can appreciate their concern about not wanting to compromise safety systems as well. Just how far do these concerns really go?

Keep this man away from your new Tesla
Keep this man away from your new Tesla

Probably best to keep your new Tesla off of Xzibit’s long cancelled MTV show.  But really, the Tesla Model S is an amazing looking vehicle (call me anytime, Tesla!) and I’m not sure what reason anybody would have to mess with it.

[button link=”http://ir.teslamotors.com/secfiling.cfm?filingID=1564590-15-1031&CIK=1318605#TSLA-10K_20141231_HTM_ITEM_1A” icon=”fa-external-link” side=”left” target=”blank” color=”285b5e” textcolor=”ffffff”]Source: Tesla Motors SEC Filing[/button]

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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