TEMBO THE BADASS ELEPHANT Stomping Your Way This Summer

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Who doesn’t like a bit of side-scrolling fun now and again? SEGA and Game Freak have announced TEMBO THE BADASS ELEPHANT – a 2D side-scrolling action adventure game featuring TEMBO: part commando, ALL elephant.
In the game, Shell City has come under attack by PHANTOM and General Krenman calls on “the peanut chompin’, villain stompin’, PHANTOM romping BADASS Elephantidae…TEMBO THE BADASS ELEPHANT!” and his side kick Picolo to save the day. TEMBO features 17 levels and unique comic book style visuals and has players controlling Tembo as the duo smash, punch, jump, swing, and butt stomp their way through the deadly PHANTOM hordes.

“We’re delighted to be working with Game Freak to bring this heavyweight adventure to an audience we feel it will have relephants to,” said John Clark, the Senior Vice President of Commercial Publishing for SEGA Europe. “It’s a trunkful of fun and we think gamers are going to love it. Hopefully more than my rubbish elephant puns. ”

Game Freak is the developer of past Pokémon role-playing video games released on the Nintendo Game Boy and DS systems. TEMBO is their first foray into the PC and next-gen console market.
TEMBO THE BADASS ELEPHANT is slated for a Summer 2015 digital download release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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