George R.R. Martin's The Walking Dead Survival Tip: Find A Castle


On this week’s episode of “What is George R.R. Martin doing instead of working on The Winds of Winter,” we find out what the A Song of Ice and Fire author and Game of Thrones creator would do if he couldn’t just kill characters off with his typewriter and had to survive in a walker apocalypse. Naturally, he’d find a castle. Martin recently binge-watched The Walking Dead, and as he told Entertainment Weekly, all of the characters on the show are missing out on one big opportunity for safety.

Castles! Whatever is happening in the United States during The Walking Dead, I’m sure they’re a lot better off in England because they’re in castles. If they had any brains, they’d go to the existing castles and reinforced the walls. They can patrol on the bullwarks. No way is a zombie [getting through]—medieval seige armies couldn’t break castles with conventional artillery, and zombies don’t use artillery. Zombies don’t build trebuchets. They don’t build siege towers. There is no way they can break into a well-defended castle.

The idea of staying in a castle seems like a no-brainer (pun sort of intended), seeing as they were already built to keep people out, but it might not just be as simple as that. One of the biggest threats in The Walking Dead as we all know now is that anyone who dies comes back as a walker a short time later – meaning that if you lock yourself in a castle and someone dies, it would make The Red Wedding look like child’s play. And as always, there is the issue of actually getting supplies and weapons, something that require frequent runs outside of the castle walls, which could provide difficult if they are in a particularly secluded castle.
Unless The Walking Dead walkers suddenly develop World War Z powers, Martin is also right on when it comes to their inability to take down castle walls. Walkers have proven to have unnaturally strong finger and limb strength before, such as tearing through a horse, but even the reality-stretching The Walking Dead couldn’t justify them being able to dig through reinforced stone. And besides, if walkers begin developing trebuchets or digging trenches we’ve lost at that point anyway.
Martin specifically mentions Europe as the ideal destination for this, which is certainly true, but there are also some small castles the crew of The Walking Dead could have made the trek to. Going from their starting location in Georgia, there are a few castles they could potentially enforce and hold, such as the Rhodes Hall in Atlanta, Georgia (which would likely be overrun quickly, unfortunately). So yeah, find a boat to Europe ASAP.
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Last Updated on January 12, 2019.

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