Super Troopers 2 Already Reached Its $2 Million Goal


Comedy team Broken Lizard and their crowd-funding effort to get Super Troopers 2 made has found instant success, having reached their lofty $2 million goal in just over 24 hours. Upon reaching their goal, Broken Lizard issued an update on their Indiegogo page thanking fans and stating “if we could cry, we’d be crying.” And of course, since the goal was reached, Farva doesn’t die and he was released from the trunk in another new update video. Or was he?
Seeing as Broken Lizard blasted past their initial goal so fast, they are extending the “Let Farva Out” campaign until the funding reaches three million. At the time of this writing they have already raised $2.5 million with 23,482 people contributing, so there’s a good chance we’ll be getting another update video at $3 million soon.

The quickly funded goal was made possible through a mix of social media excitement, the hashtag #LetFarvaOut, fantastic reporting on the campaign, and a reddit AMA where they first announced the project.
Most of the higher-end perks have been bought up already, including $4,000 to name a character in the film, $10,000 to be listed as a producer, $10,000 to be an actor (which went to only one person and was gone almost immediately), $12,500 to be a “director”, $15,000 to go to a Los Angeles Angels game with Broken Lizard, and $35,000 to keep the patrol car used in Super Troopers 2 once filming is wrapped. The biggest reward left is the $25,000 level which would grant one backer the ability to have the entire Broken Lizard crew as their groomsmen at their wedding.
Seeing as they are only two days into the campaign at this point, there are still 30 days left for the group to raise more money to make the film bigger and better. No specific stretch goals are listed, but in their initial campaign video, it was promised that the more money Broken Raises the more wacky stuff they can include in Super Troopers 2. 

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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