PucaTrade Will Soon Let You Trade Physical Magic: The Gathering Cards For MTGO Cards


Having just met their crowd-funding goal of $50,000 today, Magic: The Gathering trading website PucaTrade will soon begin work on a method of allowing players to trade physical Magic cards for cards in Magic: The Gathering Online. Since the company was founded in 2011, PucaTrade has made trading Magic cards easier by providing a safe and fast method of mailing your cards, instead of just doing it on your own and hoping for the best.
There have always been ways of cashing in physical cards for their digital equivalents, but they often times require janky work arounds with no guarantees that what you request will actually happen. Having a single company bearing the responsibility and stakes, and one that has been as reliable in the past as PucaTrade, should help ensure that the process can finally be done smoothly.
On top of trading Magic: The Gathering Online cards for their physical equivalents (or vice-versa) PucaTrade is also giving you the ability to trade any physical card with another player for a digital card (or vice-versa), and trade “PucaPoints” for MTGO Event Tickets. By allowing you to handle trades and buying cards with other players, instead of going through Magic: The Gathering Online‘s consistently expensive market, PucaTrade will also allow you to buy cards at their fair real-world market equivalent.
The digital-to-physical transition is the headliner of course, but PucaTrade is also including several other features often asked for by Magic traders. The full list from their Indiegogo page can be seen below.

  1. MTGO Trading (Trade Between Digital & Paper Cards) – For the first time in history you’ll be able to trade your MODO Elspeth for a paper Jace, and vice-versa. You’ll also be able to trade PucaPoints for MTGO Event Tickets as well.  This is groundbreaking.  Get excited!
  2. Non-English Cards – Looking for a Japanese Foil or two?  Now’s your chance to receive cards in any language you choose.
  3. Card Condition – We all love Magic cards, and some cards are more loved than others.  With this new feature you will be able to grade your card based on it’s condition, and trade-values will adjust accordingly.
  4. Modern Mobile Experience – The mobile experience is a huge priority for us.  25% of our members access the site from a mobile device, and our goal is to utilize responsive design to craft an elegant experience for our traders on the move.
  5. Quantity Trading/Shipping – Want a playset of Birds of Paradise in any black-bordered version?  This feature lets you manage all versions of a card you would accept, and  allows you to bundle your trades together as packages.

PucaTrade’s crowd-funding campaign to expand into Magic: The Gathering Online is a successful one, but just barely. The campaign started on March 2, and is slated to go until tomorrow, April 1. As of this writing, they just barely crossed the $50,000 goal with $50,826 currently being pledged.
If you’d still like to contribute, and get a couple unique perks from it, you can head over to their Indiegogo page and do so until tomorrow.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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