Ryan Reynolds Confirms Deadpool Will Be R-Rated By Murdering Mario Lopez


Even if this wasn’t April Fools’ Day, that title might seem bizarre. If this new video exclusively from JoBlo Trailers is any indication, Deadpool will indeed be rated R and beloved ’90s sitcom star Mario Lopez has been bludgeoned to death by the Merc with a Mouth himself. Obviously the killing Mario Lopez part, while absolutely perfect to Deadpool’s personality, is fake, but it appears on all accounts that the R rating is real.

The video has Lopez and Reynolds in a heavily scripted interview. Everything is calm until Lopez starts to bring up the point that a family-friendly PG-13 movie would be the better choice and a fully-costumed Deadpool begins roaming around behind him, eventually hitting him over the head, and cursing his death. If this is indeed the final Deadpool costume and persona (which it looks like it) they nailed everything about him.

Even the fact that the announcement is on April Fools’ Day is Deadpool to a tee. Reynolds, acting as Wade Wilson, says “April Fools” at the end, but he also adds “of course Deadpool will be rated R,” which could be taken as a clear indication that the fact that it would ever be PG-13 was the joke all along.

Unless they filmed this all in a matter of a day, Reynolds has been playing up the joke as well, tweeting out how he’s fighting for an R rating over the course of several tweets over the past few days. It appears he either won that fight, or there was never a fight all along.

And his follow-up tweet right after the trailer was released all but confirms that the PG-13 rating scare was an April Fools’ (or April Pools as he puts it) joke.

Deadpool is set to release in theaters, complete with a shiny R rating, February 12, 2016. Anyone worried that this adaptation may be in the wrong hands need only look at this trailer to see we’re going to be alright.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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