WoW Token Going Live In Americas Region April 7


Announced early last month, the WoW Token has been tested thoroughly enough to be officially launched tomorrow, April 7 at approximately 10am PDT after scheduled maintenance is set to conclude. The token will only be available in what is known as the Americas region, which encompasses North and Latin Americas, Australia, and New Zealand.

The token itself will start at $20 USD or $25 AUD and can be purchased through the in-game Shop. The starting price on the Auction House across every region will start at 30,000 gold and then going forward will naturally fluctuate based on each server’s individual supply and demand. The Token is redeemable for 30 days of game time and will allow players with exorbitant amounts of in-game gold to essentially turn World of Warcraft into a “free to play” game, assuming one makes enough gold every 30 days to continue purchasing Tokens. It also allows players to legally use real life money to make gold in-game, rather than purchasing gold through a third party (which is strictly against Blizzard’s Terms of Service) and risk get banned or otherwise swindled by shady characters.

Tokens will initially be limited to 10 per player every 30 days as Blizzard tracks the usage and potential mis-usage, with the possibility that the limit will be adjusted as time goes on. Tokens will be available immediately after the patch, however there will likely be a delay of some kind for Tokens to be put up for sale on the Auction House.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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