Two New Flash Trailers Released


So no new episode this week, but plenty to chew on and think about with two Flash trailers dropping yesterday.

First is the 2015 WonderCon trailer that gives us a ton of cameos like Roy Palmer, Felicity, Captain Lance, Gorilla Grodd, Firestorm, Eddie turning bad – I feel like an ‘Oh my!’ wouldn’t be out of place here.

Next up is the All-Star team up Extended trailer. I know the new ‘team up’ show is still a ways off (like next season at the earliest) but this feels like a teaser to a backdoor pilot. Barry is absolutely convinced Wells is Reverse Flash and that he is evil, and Wells seems to know it.

The one gut punch in this is the fact that it looks like the Well/Cisco confrontation is going to happen again. Hopefully this time Flash/Barry will arrive in time to stop Wells from killing Cisco, because if he dies again I’m going to have to seek therapy.

All in all this is turning into an awesome season of television for CW and DC, with Flash being a surprising drama entry. I anticipated it being good (based on Arrow) but never thought it would have the tension and drama it does. As I’ve said before, it’s not just great superhero television, it’s great television.

Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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