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Apple, Android, Facebook Lead U.S. Smartphone Market Share


The latest comScore U.S. smartphone market share report for February has been released and there really isn’t any new surprises as Apple continues to dominate on the OEM side, while Android retains its leg up over iOS. The report covers a three month average ending in February 2015.

Apple led OEMs with a 41.7% share of the market, a 0.1% drop from November of 2014. Samsung saw the biggest dip at -1.1% over November, but retained the second spot at 28.6% while LG made the largest gain at 0.7% increase to add some breathing room over Motorola and HTC to stay in third place with 8.3% of the market share.

Even though Apple led in hardware share, the smartphone platform of choice in the U.S. remains to be Google’s Android operating system, which saw a 0.2% increase to 52.8% while Apple’s iOS dropped by 0.1% to 41.7% – an 11.1% difference between the two. Microsoft rounded out a distant third with 3.5% which was actually a 0.1% increase over the November report. Blackberry officially dropped below 2% market share to 1.8% in the U.S.

As far as smartphone apps go, Facebook’s reach covers 71.2% of devices (which isn’t too much of a surprise as it does come preinstalled on many devices), followed by YouTube (56.4%) and Google Search (52.2%) which edged ahead of the Google Play store app (51.4%).  Interestingly, Facebook Messenger came in at 51.2% indicating that a good portion of Facebook users opted not to install the app when the company split the service out of it’s default Facebook app. Other popular apps rounding out the top 15 include Google Maps, Gmail, Pandora Radio, Instagram, Amazon Mobile, iTunes Radio/iCloud, Twitter, Apple Maps, Google+, and Snapchat.

  Source: comScore
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