Microsoft Addresses Xbox One Energy Usage Concerns

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A couple weeks ago we reported on a study that indicated how much energy the Xbox One (and other consoles) use. The main concern of the study was the Xbox One energy usage while left in the Instant-On standby mode.

While in Instant-on mode, the Xbox One will download updates and additional content while the console isn’t being used making it convenient to purchase games from the web or SmartGlass app and have them automatically download to your console so they’re ready to go when you are ready to play. The mode also allows for the monthly system updates to download and install the same way, reducing the amount of time you have to wait before you can use your Xbox One when an update is released.

The study, released in May 2014, calculated that 44% of the Xbox One’s power consumption was used while in Instant-on standby mode, which also allows users to use the “Xbox On” voice command to turn the console on. The study further concluded that Xbox One owners in the U.S. collectively spent $250 million annually on additional energy costs due to this feature. While users have the ability to turn the setting off within the console settings, the study noted that European users were given the choice during the initial console setup while users in other regions were not. The study also mentioned that Xbox has reduced the energy use of the Instant-on mode from 18 to 12.5 watts, but felt it wasn’t reduced enough.

Microsoft has listened to these concerns and indicated by switching to Energy-saving mode, the average customer can save between $6 to $15 in energy costs per year – which may be a small price to pay for convenience, but collectively it certainly does add up. The company also confirmed the study’s findings that the Xbox One energy usage while in Instant-on mode has been reduced by a third, and future purchasers of the Xbox One will be presented with the energy choice during initial setup.

At Microsoft, sustainability is core to our business practices—we continue to work to reduce the environmental impact of our products and services, and we are committed to carbon neutrality as a company.

As we continue to evolve the Xbox One experience, we are bringing this power choice front and center. In the coming months, new Xbox One owners around the world will be prompted with this choice in the initial console set-up process. Current Xbox One owners can easily make changes to their power consumption choices now in Settings under Power & start up.

What do you think of Microsoft’s “solution” to the Xbox One energy usage issues presented in the study? Do you think it goes far enough? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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