Create Your Own Movies In GTA V PC With The Rockstar Editor

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With GTA V PC finally coming tomorrow, Rockstar has dropped one final new feature to entice gamers to give the game a shot once again if they already purchased it on consoles over the past couple years, or for the first time if they are a PC-only gamer. This new feature is the Rockstar Editor, which lets you put clips together as you go on or off missions, or even set up your own studio lot and film your own movies.

Similar to the capture functions on the Xbox One and PS4, you can capture recent awesome moments as they come, giving you the option of going back to recent moments and capturing them using the Action Replay feature of the Rockstar Editor. On top of that, Rockstar Editor also comes with its own suite of capturing and editing tools to let you make your own movies right inside the game engine.

In a very stripped-down version of actual video editing software, you can use a timeline to cut, arrange, and otherwise manipulate the clips you’ve collected into a coherent story or a mix of flashy stunts that you can’t help but share – it’s all up to you. The Rockstar Editor also includes the ability to add text, music, image filters, and more to your videos.

Director mode lets you set up your own scenes from scratch using campaign characters, animals, various locations, time of day, whether, and other gameplay modifications to make the craziest or most detailed short film possible. Final videos can be uploaded directly to YouTube or the Rockstar Social Club. All of this will of course be done in 60 fps, which the game finally boasts with its PC release.

GTA V PC releases tomorrow, April 14.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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