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Apple Lays Out $20 Million For Camera Company LinX


There was a time when a company like Apple would create a new product and bring it to market from cradle to grave. Sure there were hits and misses, things that stuck, and things that flopped, but the company soldiered on. Fast forward to today and what we’re seeing now is the era of purchased innovation. With pockets deep enough to not have to see a technology at its birth, but allow someone else to do that work for them. It’s what Apple has been doing for some time now and 2015 is no exception, as Apple has just bought the camera company LinX.

LinX makes very small cameras for smartphones and tablets and this Apple purchase could mean we might be seeing even thinner iPhones and iPads in the future. Apple likes to keep their quality top notch so it’s evident that they’re impressed with LinX’s product enough to buy them. The new MacBook is also super thin and putting a LinX camera module into perhaps a MacBook Pro just might help shrink the footprint of Apple’s flagship laptop. There’s a whole realm of possibilities and speculations one can take as to why Apple would buy LinX. For Apple’s part they have neither confirmed or denied the purchase of LinX and LinX has not responded to questions.

While it is exciting to see new technologies coming to Apple products, one does miss the days of old when innovations were in house and not bought off the shelf. What do you think of Apple’s purchase of LinX? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

  Source: Wall Street Journal

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