First Mad Max Gameplay Trailer And Images Released

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The first Mad Max gameplay trailer has been officially unveiled by developer Avalanche Studios today. Mad Max the game has fallen a bit to the wayside in terms of mainstream attention with its film equivalent releasing several exciting trailers, but Avalanche Studios made sure to remind us today that the game is certainly still alive and well – and it looks great.

In the lengthy four-and-a-half minute trailer we get our first extended look at some of the game’s overworld and mechanics. It looks as if a lot of Max Mad revolves around building up your vehicle through exploration, completing objectives, and generally just surviving in the post-apocalyptic setting. Insane vehicles have always been a staple in Mad Max, and in the game you start with one called your “Magnum Opus,” which essentially begins as a junker until you equip it with weapons, shielding, and other upgrades.

Another big draw of Mad Max looks to be the overworld itself. As Avalanche Studio Senior Producer John Fuller explained in a PlayStation Blog post announcing the trailer, Max Mad will feature a full weather system, a day and night cycle, and “environmental effects so that the world feels as dynamic as possible.”

Fuller also states that Avalanche Studios is currently working on squeezing as much content into the game as possible so there are “surprises around many corner.”

So, what’s happening with the development of the game right now? Well, we are continuing to push the fidelity of The Wasteland and squeeze as much content and immersion out of the PS4 hardware as possible. True to the Avalanche Studios promise, we are cramming in content, both above and below ground level, to ensure that there are surprises around many corners. Apart from very desolate and barren landscapes, the prevalence of indoor locations is something quite new. You may have to look hard for many of them, but they’re worth it if you persevere!

As exciting as this all sounds, it’s always important with game trailers to remember that we actually have no idea how much if this will be in the final game, what in the trailer is actual in-game footage, and in the end if it’ll be worth your $60. With that said though, it’s hard to not get at least a little bit excited after watching this.

Along with the trailer, Avalanche has released a slew of new images to drool over until the game releases later this year.

Initially, Mad Max was slated for an April 2014 release, but it eventually got pushed back to Fall of 2014 then finally to its current early September estimation. When it does finally release, eager Mad Max fans will be able to pick up the open-world game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Linux, or Windows PC.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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