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Want to help save Constantine? If you missed the NBC superhero/horror drama when it aired last year, now is your chance to catch up and help it get renewed for a second season. NBC is giving fans a chance to watch Constantine free for a limited time on their own site. Along with every episode of the series’ first (and potentially only) season, there are also various clips, GIFs, behind-the-scenes interviews, and more exclusive content available.

Despite being received with mostly positive reviews and generating a small, yet dedicated fan base, Constantine‘s future still remains up in the air. Rumors have had the show being everything from absolutely cancelled, to reworked as a SyFy series titled “Hellblazer.”

The timing of this free streaming event is no random event either. Constantine Executive Producer Daniel Cerone will be pitching a second season for the show this coming Monday. Giving fans one last chance to watch, share, review, and push the show could be a last-ditch effort to prove that it has the audience for another season.

Cerone, along with David Goyer and Constantine star Matt Ryan have also been promoting a petition asking NBC to save the series from an early demise.

Prior to this event, Constantine fans have taken it upon themselves to try and save the series with the hashtag #SaveConstantine. It may sound like a longshot, but when the collective Internet decides they really want something, they can occasionally help make it happen – such as an R-rated Deadpool movie.

If you want to watch, head over to the Constantine page on and binge-watch your heart out. The entire first season is also available on Hulu, with or without a Hulu Plus subscription.

Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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