Fonesalesman iQi Charger And N4 PWRcard Review

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We take a look at Fonesalesman iQi Charger and N4 PWRcard wireless Qi charging devices for the iPhone 6 Plus and the Galaxy Note 4. Qi wireless charging has made some great strides over the years and continues to improve. For those of us without wireless charging capabilities on their phones, Fonesalesman has just the thing. Watch our full review of both the iQi Charger for iPhone 6 Plus and the N4 PWRcard for the Galaxy Note 4 below.

So as you can see both the iQi Charger and the N4 PWRcard are super great products and work really well. The only real issues you will have are the cases you choose to use with your devices. I found that really thick cases can hamper the signal and not let your phone charge. Or sometimes finding the sweet spot just doesn’t work with that thicker case. Other than that both of these products performed wonderfully and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to make their Note 4 or iPhone 6 Plus wirelessly charge. One thing to keep in mind is wireless charging does take a little longer than normal wired charging so don’t expect this to be a fast charging solution. You can buy both Fonesalesman products at the Amazon links below.

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*We were sent demo units of both the iQi Charger and N4 PWRcard for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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