Double-Decker LEGO Couch Is Pretty Awesome


Say you want to get everybody together, watch some TV and be buddies but you don’t have enough seats to go around. If only there were something that a master builder could invent that would solve this quandary. Maybe Wyldstyle and Vitruvius were just a bit too dismissive of Emmet Brickowski’s signature invention. On today’s Super Fan Builds, a family of LEGO-Maniacs get their very own double-decker LEGO couch so everybody really can watch TV together and be buddies.

Super Fan Builds – part of’s AWE me (Amaze, Wow, & Educate) series – finds fans of various tv shows, movies, games, etc. and builds them a unique collectible piece from their fandom of choice. This episode focuses on the Hollingsworths, a family that is obsessed with LEGO. The bricks serve as a hobby and bonding experience between the father (Paul) and daughter (Hailee), who create their own stop-motion animated LEGO movies based on popular films. What could be a better collectible for these fans than their very own double-decker LEGO couch?

Since it’s bolted to the wall, chances are good the Hollingsworths won’t be escaping from Lord Business on their new double-decker couch – though there is included storage underneath the bottom couch so at least that’s true to form. If we’re being completely honest though, the couch cushions aren’t quite as “LEGO” as they maybe should be. The one stud off on its own at the end of the couch sticks out like a bit of a sore thumb.

But really, I’m still kind of jealous. LEGO has always been one of my weaknesses. I had most of the castles, a few of the pirate ships, and plenty of the other sets when I was a kid, but seeing some of the amazing things built from LEGO these days is incredible.

What’s your favorite LEGO memory or experience? Let us know in the comments below or on your favorite social media site.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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