Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge Officially Teased By Samsung


Samsung has officially teased the existence of an Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge after Android users were teased earlier this month with some fan renders for an Avengers: Age of Ultron lineup of Galaxy S6 Edge devices.

Samsung and Marvel have been partnering for the latest movie in the Marvel Universe, starting with some 360 degree YouTube videos of one of the battle scenes from Avengers: Age of Ultron and including Avengers themes for the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, so it’s not really a surprise to see them team up for at least one Avengers-themed device. At this time Samsung hasn’t indicated a price or even what the device will look like, but if it’s anything like the fan render in the featured image above, and if response to Samsung’s teaser tweet are any indication, there is demand for such a device.

There also is no word if this will be the only Avengers Galaxy S6 Edge device or if there will be variations featuring other characters. It is fitting that Iron Man is the first out of the gate, tying in to the Android/droid/robot theme but it’s also ironic that Iron Man himself, Tony Stark appeared in HTC commercials as Robert Downey Jr. in the past.

Without knowing what the device will look like yet has Samsung piqued your curiosity? What other Avengers-themed S6 Edge would you be interested in? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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