SMITE Xbox One Enters Closed Beta; Get Access With Founders Pack

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Hi-Rez Studios has announced that SMITE, the third-person PC MOBA, has entered its closed beta phase on the Xbox One. Players with access to the alpha will be able to continue playing into the closed beta, and those who are still waiting for a beta key can either sign up on the SMITE website, try to win some on Twitter, or get immediate access to the SMITE Xbox One closed beta by purchasing the newly unveiled SMITE Xbox One Founder’s Pack.

The Founders Pack really is a decent deal, for $29.99€23.99/£20.99 you will unlock all current gods – which sits at 64, 2 exclusive skins (the Ares “Soldier of War” skin, and the Limited Ymir “Cacodemon X” skin), 400 gems, access to the beta, AND all future gods will be unlocked as soon as they are available. The Founders Pack will only be available for a limited time and is set to be discontinued shortly after the official launch later this year, after which time you can still purchase the Ultimate God Pack for the same price as the Founders Pack which unlocks every current and future god, but will not include the exclusive skins or additional gems.

HiRez Studios has also unveiled account merges for those already playing on the PC.

We are offering a one-time account merger if you want to copy select items and progress from your SMITE PC Account to your SMITE Xbox One account. The account merge between PC and Xbox is now available here:!

Your purchases, favor earned and XP from your PC account will be added to your Xbox account once you perform the merge, however gems will not be transferred so you may want to spend them before initiating the transfer. While your unlocked gods will transfer over, it is unclear if you’ve purchased the Ultimate God Pack on the PC if the transfer will also include future gods as well. We have reached out to HiRez Studios for clarification and will update once we hear back. For full details on what the PC to Xbox account merge consists of, you can visit the Account Merge FAQ on the SMITE website.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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