AdBlock Gets Around Google’s Block On Android Ad Blockers With New Browser


Eyeo, the company behind the much-used AdBlock Plus browser extension, has come up with a way to beat Google’s ban on adblockers for Android mobiles – creating its own browser.

The company decided to adopt this approach after their original AdBlock for Android app was banned from the Play Store in 2013 for interfering with other apps. Eyeo have decided to avoid a repeat of this problem and keep the adblocking function purely within their own browser.

A spokesman for the company, Ben Williams, said,”We were kicked out of the Google Play store in 2013. This has a better chance of being accepted.”

Whether it would be popular enough a download for those used to using Chrome or other browsers on Android remains to be seen.

Google has not commented directly on the app, which is currently undergoing review, but recognises that many web services rely on money earned from ads.

A spokesperson said, “Google and other web companies invest heavily in developing these services – and in the behind-the-scenes infrastructure to deliver them.”

Eyeo has indicated that, even if Google doesn’t allow the app into the Play Store, users will be able to download the AdBlock browser from their website.


Ben Williams said,”We learned by experience this time. We have a back-up plan.” He added, “The browser is our first step into the mobile space that we can be confident should be a success.”

Eyeo is also planning to produce an iOS version of the browser.

Would you download and install a separate browser just to avoid ads on your Android phone? Let us know in the comments below or via Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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