Oculus Rift Lawsuit Accuses Founder Of Stolen Technology


By now most of the world knows what the Oculus Rift is. I mean if Mark Zuckerberg buys up a virtual reality company people are going to know. Oculus Rift was founded by Palmer Luckey who so happened to work for the company that is currently involved in the latest Oculus Rift lawsuit, Total Recall Technologies. The TRT lawsuit says that Luckey was hired by the company to work on a headset with a display very much like what the Rift is now. TRT is accusing Luckey of taking confidential information from them and turning around to develop the Rift and launching it on Kickstarter. This isn’t the first time Oculus Rift has been accused of confidential information theft, ZeniMax Media accused former employee John Carmack of something similar in 2014.

TRT filed its complaint with the US District Court in California, alleging “breach of contract and wrongful exploitation and conversion of plaintiff’s intellectual and personal property in connection with TRT’s development of affordable, immersive, virtual reality technology.” The lawsuit demands both punitive and compensatory damages in an unspecified amount.

This will be another interesting court battle for the Facebook held company and we’ll see if Zuckerberg’s deep pockets can pull them out of hot water. It’s not unusual for employees of one company to either move to a similar company or branch out on their own. TRT’s challenge is going to be proving that Luckey willing took confidential information that is either currently in use with Oculus Rift or is somehow based off that information. We’ll see how things shake out. What do you think of TRT’s lawsuit against Oculus Rift? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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