One Plus Vs Verizon, The Never Settle Fight Is On

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We have entered into a new era and another “thing” that needs fighting over, hashtags. That’s right hashtags. The folks over at One Plus, maker of the One smartphone, are less than happy about their hashtag #NeverSettle being hijacked by big red Verizon. So mad in fact they’ve set out to get their fans to try and take back what is theirs. In an email to owners of the One Plus One (I myself am an owner) they’ve launched a social campaign to take #NeverSettle back from Verizon and even have a “Secret Mission.”

I’m not certain anyone has “rights” over hashtags and there’s no legal standing anyone can take to ask another to discontinue use of a hashtag. So I’m not sure how successful One Plus’ campaign is going to be. As big as Verizon is I’m not even sure if their efforts will even go noticed by many. Debroah Sweeny writes in her article that you could take ownership of a hashtag if you bought the domain for it, such as Still not certain that will give you any claim to the hashtag itself but I guess if people looked that up your domain would pop up too.

What do you think of One Plus’ beef with Verizon’s use of #NeverSettle? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

Source: One Plus Email

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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