[UPDATED] Windows 10 Release Date Confirmed – 29th July 2015


The date has finally been set by Microsoft for the release of their much anticipated Windows 10. July 29th will see the general availablility of Windows 10 which you will be able to get as a free upgrade from Windows 7 onwards for the first 12 months.

UPDATE (06/03/2015): We had a few people who were wondering, ourselves included, how Windows 10 Technical Preview users can “reserve” their upgrade as the method being used for Windows 7/8.x users doesn’t show up in the W10 TP. Microsoft has confirmed that those running the Technical Preview will automatically received the update to the final version of Windows 10 when it is launched.

ORIGINAL STORY: Joe Belfiore Corporate Vice President, Operating Systems Group at Microsoft tweeted the exciting news earlier today:

Windows 10, so named to distance itself from its not so popular older brother Windows 8, is the last major version of Windows Microsoft is currently planning to release. Instead they will focus on regular updates to Windows 10 bringing new features along with bug fixes and security patches.

Windows 10 addresses alot of the negative feedback users voiced against Windows 8/8.1 with the loudest heard complaints being the shift from a mouse and keyboard friendly OS to a touch friendly one. Most traditional Windows users felt they had been an after thought in Windows 8 design process and less tech savvy users struggled immensly with the change to the start menu and the introduction of the charms bar.

I’ve been evaluating Windows 10 since the tech preview launched back in September last year and have to say so far it is looking promising. Whilst named Windows 10 it feels much closer to Windows 7 than 8 which in many minds is not a bad thing.

Having said that Microsoft are bringing a lot of new toys to the table with this release. Perhaps the most important of these is the “Universal App.” Windows 10 will come in several different versions to meet our growing variety of devices we choose to use for our computing needs from smartphones through tablets to full blown desktop PCs. Whilst the smaller form factors won’t get access to the desktop or traditional win32 application you will see them running the same Windows Store apps across all devices. In essence this is the same concept Microsoft released with Windows RT only this time it has been executed somewhat more smoothly. The developers of these universal apps will also have the option to write the apps to run on Microsoft’s Xbox One gaming console as well.

Other features to look out for include Cortana, Microsoft’s answer to Siri and Google Now, Continuum allowing you to use a screen, mouse and keyboard with your Windows Phone, Edge the all new broswer, HoloLens and Xbox streaming to name but a few.

Windows 7 and 8 owners can reserve their copy now by clicking on the icon that appears bottom right of the taskbar.

Reserve your copy of Windows 10 today
Reserve your copy of Windows 10 today
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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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