Amazon Brings Ads To Your Doorstep With Minion Boxes


People really don’t like seeing ads – or do they? Maybe it’s just a matter of delivering those ads in a manner that people don’t mind? In that regard, Amazon may have struck a goldmine with their recent foray into advertising. Amazon has been sending out deliveries in yellow boxes emblazoned with everybody’s favorite banana-loving characters, the Minions. There are several different designs based on several different box sizes, and the Minion boxes include a note about their newest film’s release date (July 10th) and a link to Amazon’s Minions page.

These Minion boxes mark the first time that Amazon has advertised anything other than their own products on their delivery boxes, and if the reaction on Twitter is to be believed, they are a huge hit so far.

Some are even disappointed that they received a plain old Amazon box with their delivery

While most everybody seems to be excited over the Minions boxes (there are a few party-poopers out there), I don’t know whether or not Amazon will be able to repeat this type of viral success with other advertising. The Minions are fun, light-hearted and quirky. Would people really get so excited if their Amazon delivery came in a green box with an advertisement for asparagus? Probably not.

If Amazon plays this the right way, and sends out boxes that continue to be fun, entertaining, and endearing they could absolutely make a killing with this sort of advertising. There’s little chance that people will stop ordering from Amazon anytime in the near future, and if these boxes can register as anything more than regular boring packaging, that’s a win for the potential advertisers.

Do you want to get a Minion Box? What other sort of ads do you think would be successful in this medium? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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