Netflix Expanding Into Southern Europe

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People of Portugal and Italy, start training for marathons – Netflix marathons, that is. Soon you’ll be able to binge watch your favorite TV episodes on Netflix!

One of my favorite ways to spend a tired Friday evening is to curl up with my tablet, and catch up on TV shows on Netflix. No commercials, no waiting a week for the ending to that cliffhanger episode, just me and episode after episode of whatever show I happen to be watching at the time.

After announcing earlier in the week their plans to expand into Spain in October,  the TV and movie streaming giant announced plans on Saturday to expand their service into Portugal and Italy later this year. Italian espresso and Netflix – I see absolutely no downside to that. Netflix has not yet announced what content will be available, only that a selection of tv and movie content will be able to be watched on computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices.

The goal of Netflix is to expand their service total to 200 countries in the next 2 years. Currently the denizens of 50 countries, including 13 in Europe,  are able to take advantage of the streaming movie and tv service. At the end of March of this year, the company boasted 62 millions subscribers worldwide, with 41 million of those in the United States.

Do you use Netflix? If so, what are some of your favorite shows to watch? What shows would you recommend to the good people of Europe? Let us know in the comments.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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