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Confirmation Of A Huawei Nexus Smartphone?


Nexus is the name that stirs the insides of hardcore Android fans everywhere and for good reason, it’s the name given to Google’s flagship Android devices. In the past we have seen HTC, Samsung, LG and Motorola and now we just might see a Huawei Nexus next. According to a Huawei employee the company is working on the device even as I type this and it could very well be the company’s break into the US smartphone market.

This partnership makes a lot of sense for both Google and Huawei. Google has been trying to get its paid Play Store apps onto Chinese Android phones, but hasn’t been able to reach a deal with the Chinese government. Huawei’s U.S. division president, Zhiqiang Xu, told us in an interview the company wants to be among the top three phone makers here. This could be the glitzy product Huawei is looking for.

Google tends to choose their partners carefully and for reasons that would benefit them as well and getting its Play Store apps on Chinese Androids is a good reason to work with Huawei. Having played with Huawei phones at CES and at MWC I can attest to their high build quality. They have the hardware to compete with the likes of Samsung and HTC so it will be interesting to see what happens with this partnership.

  Source: PC World

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