[UPDATED] Play Xbox 360 Games On Xbox One Without Being In Preview Program


UPDATED (08/26/2015): It looks like Microsoft has been overwhelmed with newcomers to the Xbox Preview Program and are scaling back on processing invites so if you’re not in the program yet, chances at this point are slim to none that you’ll be getting in any time soon. As a result, any requests for invite below will not be honored going forward due to this change by Microsoft.

Want to play Xbox 360 games on Xbox One but you’re not a member of the Xbox Dashboard Preview Program? Gaming by Gamers has posted a video on YouTube with a nifty little trick that should get you up and running, assuming one of your friends is in the Preview Program and has played one of the Xbox 360 games that are currently backwards compatible.

The process is quite simple. Fire up your Xbox One, navigate to the Friends tab on the dashboard, click on the three dots near the bottom of “Popular With Friends” section to expand the list, and scroll across until you find an Xbox 360 game that you own from the backwards compatibility list.

Search for the game you want to play in the Popular with Friends section.

Select the game you want to install, click on “View in Store” and you’ll be taken to an install page.

Banjo Kazooie installing!

Another option if you don’t know anyone in the Preview Program is to simply fire up Twitch, browse the streaming section and find someone who is streaming the Xbox 360 game you want to play, and select “Play Game” from the streaming details page.

Alternatively, you can find someone streaming it on Twitch and select “Play Game” to install.

Check out the video below for a detailed look at the full process and let us know in the comments or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook if this worked for you! And hey, there’s always the alternative – leave your Xbox Live Gamertag in the comments and we’ll see about getting you that invite to the Xbox Preview Program.

NOTE: If you are requesting an invite, please post ONCE. Our comments go into moderation and are approved. Also, please don’t reply on another request as I am likely to miss this. Didn’t expect so many and am trying to get them all out, once I do a batch I’ll comment and everything up to that point will have received an invite. It may take a few days due to the process and you should receive the invite and further instructions in your Xbox messages, in the meantime try out the workaround to see if that works for you. Thanks for your patience!

ALSO, once you get in, if you could pay it forward and pick at least a few people on the list, add them as friends and invite them as well (from the Preview Dashboard) that would be a great help! If you do so, leave a reply to their comment so others know they’ve received the invite!


Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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