Facebook Messenger No Longer Requires Facebook Account


Facebook can be used as a method of signing into an endless list of services. Instead of signing up for yet another account, many companies offer the option to use your Facebook or Google account as credentials to create and account and use a service. Facebook is now allowing people without a Facebook account to sign up for and use the Facebook messenger with just their name, phone number, and picture.

With Facebook acquiring WhatsApp last year, and before that, requiring the Facebook Messenger app on mobile devices in order to send and receive Facebook messages, the company clearly wants to lead online messaging. The Messenger app has been astounding successful as well,

“Messenger is one of a few apps that has been downloaded more than 1 billion times on Android devices.”

Since its release, Facebook has been consistently improving upon the application adding features like calling, video chatting, as well as sending and receiving payments via debit card via the application.

Facebook says that they simply want to offer the Facebook messenger experience to as many people as possible regardless of whether they are involved with Facebook social media.

“We feel it’s the best messaging app and we think everyone should have the opportunity to use it. We all have examples of people in our lives who are not on Facebook but would want to have the Messenger experience. It’s really important that we can serve those people and enable them to try out Messenger for themselves.”

With Facebook’s extremely strong grasp on the messaging market, this push to include non-Facebook users may give them an edge compared to other messaging applications and services, especially within companies and businesses.

What are your thoughts on Facebook’s push to include users who do not have a Facebook account? If at all, do you think Facebook will see an increase in users on the Messaging app? Will the increase be marginal or juristic? Let us know in the comments below or on social media!

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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