New Live Action Attack On Titan Trailer Drops – But There’s A Problem


Fans of the immensely popular Manga and Anime series Attack on Titan were probably happy to see a new trailer for the live action movie version of the story. In the previous trailer we saw a lot of surprised/shocked looking members of the Scout Regiment, rocks flying all over and destroying things, and limited shots of our favorite people-eating giants, but in the newest Attack on Titan trailer we get to see quite a lot more – beware, minimal spoilers follow for anybody not familiar with the Anime series.

For the first time we get to see the 3d Maneuver Gear in action! It looks pretty fantastic, and gives the sense of speed that we’d expect from such devices. We also get to see some better rendering on the colossal titan, with impressive smoke surrounding him on his appearance. That’s pretty great too. We even see more of the titans than we’ve seen in previous trailers. I’m sure they’re saving the titans eating people for the movie, but you do get to see them shambling about, swiping at the scouts as they zip around the city, and there’s even a very brief shot of Eren in Titan form, and it looks awesome!

So what’s the problem? Right around the 1:23 mark of the trailer, Eren pulls Mikasa in for what looks to be something more than a friendly peck on the cheek. That’s just wrong on so many levels. Eren and Mikasa share a complicated relationship for sure, but it’s much more like a brother/sister bond (she is his foster sister after all) than anything even remotely resembling something romantic. It just does not really make sense if the live action movie is trying to shoehorn in some sort of love story between Eren and Mikasa  Really, if somebody absolutely HAD to initiate that kiss, it’d probably make more sense to have it be Mikasa anyway.

Mikasa is basically a super-badass who saves Eren and Armin’s hides on more than one occasion. She definitely has strong feelings for Eren, but really not those types of feelings… she is very protective of him, and does everything she can to help keep him safe. Hopefully this was just a second of the trailer taken out of context and nothing more, because otherwise I just feel that could be awkward for everybody.

Otherwise the new Attack on Titan trailer really looks fantastic though! Tell us what you think in the comments below or on your favorite social networks.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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