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Samsung Phones Do Not Have A Secret Microchip Tracking You


Over the past few days the Internet has gone nutty over some videos reportedly showing that Samsung phones have a secret microchip installed that is stealing all your private data. According to the videos this chip is located in the battery and you have to remove the foil tape around the battery to get at it and remove the chip before more of your data goes to Samsung. In this day and age of YouTube, everyone wants to be a star and everyone wants to get noticed so it’s no surprise that most everyone filming these videos are uneducated about what’s really in that battery. Watch a couple of them now.

So what these folks are actually removing is the NFC antenna that allows your Samsung phone to use Near Field Communication capable devices. No it is not some super secret chip put there by Samsung to track your every move and steal all your videos and photos. It’s an important part of the phone that you’re tearing out and is probably a really dumb idea to do that. So you can rest easy Internet, your Samsung phones are not being controlled by Samsung and your data is just fine. You should of course always remember to have strong passwords and use two factor authentication, which I highly doubt anyone in those videos has done.

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