Microsoft Unveils Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition


With the launch of Windows 10 set for the end of the month, — July 29 to be exact — Microsoft and Mojang announced a version of Minecraft for the new operating system. They announced that a beta version of Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition will launch later this month.

Instead of replacing the current versions of the game, it will take advantage of several features built into Microsoft’s “last” operating system. Such features include Xbox Live integration, controller and touchscreen support, seamless switching between the mouse and keyboard and built-in game recording. It will also feature new enhancements to the game’s weather system. Once such example is snow accumulation.

Considered a “work in progress,” the Windows 10 version will have community input.

“We want the community involvement on shaping the game and where we should take it,” Matt Booty, general manager of Minecraft, said.

The company will offer the new version of the game for $10 for new customers whereas current Minecraft owners of the PC version will be able to snag a copy of the Windows 10 Edition for free.

The announcement came during this weekend’s fan event, Minecon. This is the first time Microsoft has attended the event since the Redmond company acquired both Minecraft and its creaters Mojang last year for $2.5 billion dollars.

According to Booty, they went to the event as guests.

“We’re very much going into this as invited guests more than anything else,” Booty said. “It’s a community and player driven event. We want to show up and listen and be inspired by all the players and the community.”

Windows 10 isn’t the only new thing from Microsoft to get a bit of Minecraft action. Gamers were given a peek at what Minecraft would look like on Microsoft’s HoloLens at E3. This version appeared to pop up from a table and players were able to manipulate it through voice commands and physical gestures.

“The HoloLens was a great example of how Microsoft and Minecraft can work together, and be bigger than the sum of the two,” Booty said.

Of course, that may be for the true Minecraft gamer at heart considering that rumors have the HoloLens priced somewhere significantly higher than that of the Xbox One. Even so, $10 isn’t too much scratch to drop on the new version.

Will you be picking up a copy of the WIndows 10 Edition of Minecraft? Let us know in the comments section below or on any of our social media accounts.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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