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Users of Instagram will be jumping with joy after the latest update graces their iOS or Android devices. Why is that you ask? Well, because gone will be the 640×640 images that Instagram users have to put up with and in their places, 1080×1080 images. That’s right, images will now be bigger, and sharper.

The switch to higher quality photos has long been asked for by Instagram users and should come as a welcome improvement to the app that boasts a large base of active users. The news broke when cofounder Mike Krieger announced it on Twitter earlier today. Here’s what he had to say:

The update will hit both iOS and Android as it rolls out over the next couple of days. There’s no saying when we’ll see the update for for other users, like those who browse their feed on the web, but chances are it will take a bit of time for users to start noticing the different as Instagram works to roll out the new feature.

With users sharing over 70 million photos and videos on the app per day, this writer included (and mostly of my dog), pictures should be just a bit clearer. Of course, you still won’t be seeing any high definition nude photos, tasteful or not, on the social photo sharing app. Speaking of videos, there isn’t mention of Instagram videos getting a resolution bump. But we will let you know when/if we find out. Also, it should be noted that chances are it only applies to images uploaded recently and going those uploaded going forward, though again, we’ll update you if that is or isn’t the case.

Are you an active Instagram user? Is this welcome news or were you perfectly OK with the 640×640 resolution? Let us know in the comments section below or on any of our social media accounts and as always, keep it locked here for all your tech news.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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