Reddit User Claims Hands On With Blackberry Venice

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The Blackberry Venice is the purported first Blackberry Android device that will hit the market later this year. Pictures and renderings of the device were leaked by Evan Blass on Twitter and it is said to be sporting a full size keyboard. Full specs and details are not yet available but there is speculation running wild on the interwebs. Now Reddit user marsallro399 claims to have had actual hands on time with the Blackberry Venice but can only provide verbal proof and reporting to his claims. Some Reddit users claim marsallro399 has had other claims that proved to be true, you be the judge.

Note: I cannot provide picture proof. All employee prototypes have a serial number embedded into the screen to deter photo evidence being leaked. I’m not an employee of BlackBerry, but a church band group I do audio and lighting for is. Also note that I have used the phone for a full 5 minutes, thus my opinions and knowledge will be limited to what he has told me.

First, is physical feel. The phone is feels light and looks professional. Very thin, maybe too thin for my liking especially when the screen is up to reveal the keyboard. But this is interesting because due to the thinness of the phone, you’d never actually know theres a keyboard. Think of this as the torch, but its bigger, and doesn’t feel cheap and plastic-like. On a design note, the glass (which has curved edges, like the Samsung Edge) has a raised bezel to push the screen up. Subtle and smart.

Next, the keyboard. I used for the two seconds and I truly miss my Bold 9900. The keyboard works like the Passport, with swipe gestures. Feels good. I (with big thumbs) had no problems typing. When the keyboard is hidden, an on-screen keyboard appears and seems to have a lot better typing experience than my Z10.

The camera… its got an 8MP on the front, and an 18MP on the back. Dual-colour flash.
The OS… its multilayered. It’s android but its first layer is BlackBerry. Basically your phone is running Lollipop with BlackBerry’s security features added. Theres an app for these features to control permissions and such. That being said, there is Google Play services. Finally.

Initial Prototype feel… according to him (my friend, the employee) the phone is buggy and the battery life is awful. This isn’t something thats surprising. So I hope and assume that for the consumer release, it’ll have better battery life and a very fluid response. That being said, I did not have time to ask him about hardware specifications.

At the end of the day, I think I’ll op for this phone instead of an S6 or OnePlus. Price will ultimately be the deciding factor, but this phone looks, feels, and is for real. I perfect balance of a professional sharp looking phone with BlackBerry’s high level of security and the Google Play services we’ve all been asking for. 10/10 would buy.

Interesting that he describes the OS as multilayered having both Android and Blackberry on top of each other. Other than aesthetics and the 8MP and 18MP camera specs he didn’t elaborate much more on internal specs. This will certainly be an interesting phone to behold once it is officially announced. What do you think of this “hands on” with the Blackberry Venice? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Read the entire post on Reddit.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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