Oco Wi-Fi Camera Review: Not A Bad Choice For The Price

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Home security cameras and Wi-Fi cameras are becoming more popular as technology continues to broaden their capabilities. Dropcam, Samsung, Motorola and Belkin are just a few of the companies with Wi-Fi capable security cameras out on the market at a range of prices. Oco is another company that’s bringing Wi-Fi security into the home and a decent price too ($149), check out our Oco Wi-Fi Camera review.


The Oco design is slick and functional. The camera itself sits inside an outer aluminum ring and the camera is mounted on the ring with a ball joint swivel. This allows you to swivel the camera around in various positions (at 360 degrees and tilt of 90 degrees) to get the best orientation for your use. The materials used for construction are high quality and don’t feel cheap at all, really well done. It also comes with a plastic mount that the camera snaps into after you secure it with the included hardware to a mounting surface. The Oco can also be used without the mount as the ring it sits in doubles as a stand so you can place it just about anywhere.

Setup and Install

Setting up the Oco is a breeze, much like other Wi-Fi connected devices it’s just a matter of downloading the app and pairing the Oco camera to your home’s Wi-Fi, it’s really that easy (you will have to plug your Oco in as it does not have a battery). Installation is just as simple, especially if you don’t plan on mounting the Oco. The aluminum ring acts as a stand which you is sturdy and easy to set just about anywhere. If you do want to mount it, instructions and hardware are included and it takes less than five minutes.

Software and Use

The Oco uses a services called iVideon that allows you to access your camera from anywhere using the application on your phone or through desktop interface. You do have to sign up and it is free, though you do have to purchase a package if you want to actually record any of the cameras surveillance. But even if you don’t sign up for iVideon’s cloud recording service, you can still monitor the camera from just about anywhere at anytime. iVideon’s services are the only services you can connect to, it would have been nice to be able to use any cloud service of your choice but we understand this is a package deal.


The camera is a 720p shooter which is good although we would have preferred a 1080p lens instead, but 720p does do the job. It also comes with motion and sound detection and you can setup the app to alert you when it senses either one of them. The Oco also has a built in mic and speaker so you can talk with people in the room(s) you are monitoring, a handy feature. You can also adjust the quality settings so when viewing on mobile, you don’t eat up your data. The Oco also has night vision built in and it works fantastic! Even with no lights on the picture is clear and crisp and easy to see. There is a slight delay in the video feed, which is to be expected when broadcasting live video from one place to the other.


The Oco is simple to setup, simple to use and easy to operate. The price tag is easy on the wallet too and it’s very well worth taking a look at the Oco if you want to setup some simple video security measures in your home. If cloud recording isn’t important to you or if you’re OK paying a monthly fee for cloud services then Oco is also a great camera to consider. Overall the Oco camera is well built and performs admirably.

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*We were sent a demo unit of the Oco Wi-Fi Camera for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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