Japan’s Weird Hotel Run By Robots Is Now Open

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Japan, the country where they’re willing to try just about anything once and that includes opening up a hotel run predominately by robots. Henn na Hotel, translated in English that’s Weird Hotel, utilizes robots for just about every task in the hotel and only ten humans for security and housekeeping tasks. Otherwise when you go to check in you’re met with a talking dinosaur who happily greets you by asking you if you want to check-in. The Weird Hotel is supposed to save the company on labor costs with only ten humans to have to pay wages and benefits to. While we jest about the country willing to try just about anything Hideo Sawada, who runs the hotel, says this is a serious effort use technology and push to more efficient uses.

The cost to stay at the Weird Hotel is 9000 yen which translates to about $80 a night, not a bad deal really. Guests should also know that their safety is highly thought of and cameras are all over the hotel. Security cameras are monitored by humans to ensure that any issues are caught and taken care of. The hotel is also planning on making use of drones to deliver guests their meals and other services they request.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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