JamSpot Tablet Stand Review: A Compact Portable Tablet Audio Stand

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The JamSpot Tablet Stand is the portable tablet stand with built in speakers that you’ve been looking for.  After using the product for the past couple of weeks I can say that it is a great product and does exactly what it is designed to do.  It holds your tablet/phone and it packs a decent audio punch to let you listen to your favorite music, YouTube videos, or movies.


The first thing I noticed about JamSpot is how compact and easy to carry it is.  The stand folds up nicely to make packing it away or carrying it along with you less of a hassle than other bulkier stands.  It easily unfolds to allow you adjust the viewing angle of your tablet so you can set it to the best angle for you depending on your preference.

The stand has a simple interface on one side that makes it simple to use.  There is a micro USB port for charging, an on/off switch, an auxiliary port for headphones, a play/pause button, and a LED light to indicate if it is charged or not.  The stand being adjustable works well for both my tablets, 10 and 7 inches, and even my 6 inch phone will even fit well in it if I don’t have a tablet with me.  They all work well in landscape or portrait modes on the stand also.  When adjusting the width of the stand it is pretty stiff but I think that is a good thing because you wouldn’t want it to be able to collapse too easily by itself.


The JamSpot audio was another thing that caught me by surprise.  The audio is quite clear and loud.  The only issue I noticed was songs with really deep bass would sometimes not come through as clear as they should but I was still very impressed for a tablet stand with speakers.  I have been bringing the stand outside and queuing up some music while jumping in the pool and haven’t had a problem with being able to hear the music even while swimming and talking with friends.

Battery Life

The battery life has been exceptional for me as well.  This would probably vary with everyone’s use but for using the stand to bring the speaker with me to different rooms while cleaning up or doing projects or out to the pool I haven’t had to worry about running out of juice yet.  The speaker/stand hybrid is supposed to be able to last for 10 hours of music playback.  Though I haven’t sat down for a 10 hour block of listening to music I feel that it lasts as long as the tablet I’ve paired with it does so when I need to charge the tablet I would just charge the speaker.


The price of the JamSpot is going to run you $79.99 which isn’t a good middle of the line price for portable Bluetooth speakers.  I believe that price is worth it with the compact design and ease of being able to hold any device in the stand as well as due to the quality of sound that the speakers have.


Overall I think JamSpot has a pretty solid product here for easy sound with your tablet while traveling.  Whether it is just around the house listening to music in different rooms, taking it outside with you to bring music there, or if you’re traveling and just want to watch a movie without having to worry about propping up your tablet and want some better sound, it is a great device.  It does exactly what it advertised to do and does it exceptionally well.

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*We were sent a demo unit of the JamSpot Speaker Tablet Stand for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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