Yahoo Testing UI Very Similar To Google Search

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Ruben Gomez (from All Google Testing) and Barry Schwartz, (from Search Engine Round Table) have been keeping a close eye on the activities of Yahoo. Specifically some new testing they’ve been doing where Yahoo’s user interface looks very similar to Google search. Gomez and Schwartz noticed this happening back in January and reached out to Yahoo for comment a few weeks ago, the company provided the following statement.

“As we work to create the absolute best experiences for Yahoo users, from time to time, we run small tests with a variety of partners including search providers.” The spokesperson did add, “there is nothing further to share at this time.”

Gomez and Schwartz are indeed correct that the Yahoo UI they discovered looks nearly identical to Google search. Gomez created a YouTube video where you can see the similarities while he navigates the interface.

Schwartz indicates that Yahoo is testing Google powered search results, so this could be an indicator that the company might be thinking of leaving Bing for Google. Yahoo’s new deal with Microsoft’s Bing allows the company to work with other search providers but Yahoo is still on the hook when it comes to ads. Ads shown on Yahoo desktop search must be 51% from Bing Ads, the 49% left can be what they choose.

courtesy Ruben Gomez/Barry Schwartz

What do you think of Yahoo’s testing? Would you use a Google powered Yahoo? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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