YouTube Now Displays Vertical Videos In Full Screen On Your Phone


When it comes to recording videos some people have yet to figure out that the phone should be rotated to landscape for best viewing.  There have been numerous videos on the Internet directed at those people reminding them to rotate their phone when taking a video but apparently it still hasn’t gotten through to them. And now YouTube, in their newest update to their app, has tried to fix it by allowing vertical videos to play in full screen portrait mode.

If you came across one of those dreadful vertical videos on your phone before now and wanted to see a bit more of it without having to squint at it, you might have hit the full screen button in the corner.  Unfortunately, it would make it full screen but also would rotate to landscape so there were still black bars on either side of the video and it was still too small to watch comfortably.  YouTube has finally put an end to this by letting you press the button and it will stay in portrait mode and fill the screen just as if you were the one who forgot to rotate your phone when recording.

Vertical videos have been plaguing those who enjoy YouTube on their phones for years now and this will make watching those videos a little easier.  Some believe that this will only encourage people to make more vertical videos but I would still suggest that if you go to record a video to just turn your phone 90 degrees so that everyone can enjoy it more.

If you want to check to see if you have the most up-to-date YouTube version on your device, 10.28, you can use the following video that someone took in France where even BMW is advertising their i3 using vertical videos.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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