Apple To Make Apple Watch Android Compatible? [Speculation]

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In an OP/ED by Tim Bajarin of Tech Opinions he talks of Apple possibly making the Apple Watch Android compatible. Of course this is nothing but mere speculation but could it actually have any merit or possibility of happening? In recent years (especially) Apple has operated a locked down ecosystem that only allows for Apple devices to function with each other. While there have been some bridges built by some developers (the ability to kind of use the Moto 360 on the iPhone) Apple’s keys are securely tucked away in a vault behind more keys.

“My personal guess is Apple will keep it proprietary to the iPhone for at least the first 18-24 months but eventually make it compatible with at least Android in order to help them gain the kind of impact they desire and allow it to be a broader industry game changer,” Writes Bajarin

Bajarin supports his speculation by pointing out that Apple has had a good history of  supporting other OS’s with mobile devices, namely pointing to the iPod as proof. He’s speculating that the Apple Watch was created as a stand alone device with a limited exclusivity right with iDevices until they feel it’s time to bring on more “partners.” Think of this 18-24 month period as beta testing both hardware and software until it’s ready to allow cross-compatibility.

While his speculations are interesting, there’s no doubt that Tim Cook and Apple thought that Apple Watch sales were going to better than they were. Apple’s earnings grew on the strength of iPhone sales, mainly in China, the Apple Watch didn’t perform as expected. While this theory makes for good conversation, it will be hard to see Apple making this a cross-platform device as they continue to push people into their ecosystem. Pushing them out of their ecosystem seems to be the opposite of what they’re trying to do.

What do you think of Bajarin’s speculations? Read his entire write-up at the link below. Then leave a comment here or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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