Qualcomm Knocks Down Wireless Charging Barrier


Wireless charging has been an awesome convenience for smartphone owners with compatible devices.  It is always nice to be at your desk and be able to drop your phone on a charging pad to top it off while working without having to worry about fiddling with wires.  Some phones have neglected to include it in their flagship devices and it may not have been because they didn’t see the use for it, but rather that it wasn’t possible with the materials they were using.

Phones, such as the the iPhone and HTC M9, that use all metal backs have not been able to use wireless charging because the metal back would prevent it.  Sure you could get one of those bulky wireless charging cases for your phone but who really wants that?  Now, thanks to Qualcomm Technologies “WiPower” technology, those phones with full metal bodies will now be able to wirelessly charge.  This would be the first wireless charging technology that will allow you to charge a metal device which means that we could start seeing more phones available with that feature built in.

The WiPower technology that Qualcomm is using is different from the current Qi wireless charging standard that almost everything else out there uses.  WiPower will be using the Rezence wireless charging method which, for those who are wondering what is different between the two of them, uses magnetic resonance operating at a fixed resonant frequency that the device is set to as well.  Qi uses magnetic induction between transmitting and receiving coils making it much shorter ranged and having to be aligned just right for it to work.

Wireless charging, although isn’t a necessity yet, is still a handy feature to have on any flagship device.  Hopefully with this new breakthrough in the technology we will see some more manufacturers adding it to their devices.  It will be interesting to see if some of them abandon the Qi charging that they have been using for years and jump ship to the Rezence standard.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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