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Enhance Your Android Notification Experience With Snowball V2


One of the banes of any smartphone users are notifications. Depending on how many apps you have allowing notifications and how you like you like to have your notifications served to you it can be a mind bending cacophony of alerts and vibrations. Sometimes there are just some notifications you want more than others and Snowball V2 wants to enhance your Android notification experience. Snowball is a replacement notification center for your Android device and it hides those notifications you do not want.

Snowball does its best to automatically prioritize your notifications but you’re ultimately in control of what’s important and what’s not. Simply swipe a notification to hide or prioritize future notifications from a given app. Snowball will learn to make smart predictions over time based on the apps you use and the ones you ignore.

Additionally, Snowball makes your notifications more useful. Instead of always opening apps to do things like reply to Facebook, SMS, and WhatsApp messages, you can simply reply right from Snowball. Don’t worry: your message will always be sent through the right app.

The beauty of Android is the alternative apps that can replace just about anything and Snowball looks like an interesting app for those who want to make their notifications better. You can download it at the link below.

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