Will Live-Action Star Wars TV Shows Land on Netflix?


Over the last couple of years, online streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon have been rapidly gaining ground on traditional TV networks and cable/satellite outlets as sources of original content. Also, these services sometimes strike deals with traditional studios for new exclusive content, such as the one Netflix struck with Disney to stream previously-unaired episodes of the Clone Wars series. Recent rumors indicate another such deal is in the works between Netflix and Disney to stream, not one, but three live-action Star Wars TV series.

According to Cinelinx (which had leaked rumors of live-action Star Wars TV shows to begin with), Disney will publish its trio of new shows on Netflix rather than their own network ABC. At this point I should point out that these shows won’t likely be coming in 2015 because apparently Disney plans to reuse the new movie sets for the TV series between releases. This, of course, would place the first TV release in 2016, after The Force Awakens formally kicks off the Disney era of the Star Wars movie franchise.

You may be wondering why Disney would use Netflix rather than its own ABC network for its Star Wars TV content. While there’s no concrete indication of why (or even if) Netflix will be the go-to, it may have something to do with the companies’ fruitful relationship respecting Netflix’s Marvel series. Also, Netflix would be a better venue for a big-budget cinematic experience without the big budget. With Netflix you can get instant release for each show with no commercial interruptions and cinematic quality inexpensively afforded by reuse of the movie sets.

There are no details available at this time regarding plot, characters or release schedules, but are you excited about this news? Or would you rather see these shows broadcast through traditional network/cable/satellite channels? Please let us know in the comments!

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Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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