Duff McKagan Takes On iPhone Snobbery With His Blackberry

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Blackberry. Once, a name that epitomized the bleeding-edge tech savvy business person, it has struggled to reinvent itself in the wake of the iPhone and Android tsunami. Ever holding to their ideals that they knew exactly how to service the business world with their brand of smartphone, they quietly slipped off the screen. Users gravitated to the new gadgets with their on-screen keyboards and their vibrant applications. Suddenly, the largest single reason businesses used Blackberry (secure Enterprise email) didn’t matter much anymore. The death of Blackberry rang out through the Internet, through every blog and through every forum, rest in peace my friend. But one thing Blackberry has proven time and again is that they don’t stay down for too long if they can help it. Now back on their feet, they’ve hired Duff McKagan to evangelize their product and take on the world’s iPhone snobbery.

In an extensive interview/blog post, Blackberry documents Duff McKagan’s (former bass player for Guns N’ Roses) love of his Blackberry and how he’s used the platform to write both songs and books. In fact, the entire blog post is a great read, and I encourage you to check it out. It’s almost like a mini-bio of McKagan and not only his Blackberry use but his life. McKagan says his Blackberry is for his business and that’s what Blackberry’s are for.

Today, “my Blackberry is the hub of my productivity. I have written probably 250,000 words on the BlackBerry. It’s wild to think I’ve literally written two books with it, authored a ton of columns, and recorded vocal and guitar riffs that end up being huge parts of songs that we lay down at the studio. It keeps me organized and energized and secure that all of my information is genuinely safe and private.”

McKagan goes on to praise the Blackberry’s security as he now owns a financial firm that assists musicians and he wants to protect their sensitive data. He also praises the Blackberry’s productivity and says that he has typed columns and whole books on his device. Probably the greatest part of this blog post is McKagan’s shots at the iPhone and iPhone users. He trounces them for not living life and for posting pics every few minutes to social media.

“I stand up for my gadget and am constantly amazed by iPhone snobbery. But, really, this speaks to how we deal with loyalty. I’m a loyal motherf**ker. I know a bunch of us are. Whether it’s OG punk rock or rap, Calvin Klein briefs, Pennzoil, or the girl that we love, there are men of this modern age who insist on loyalty…”

This is an interesting marketing angle that Blackberry is taking and an interesting spokesperson to have chosen. What’s even more interesting is that no mention of Android was uttered in this piece. We of course know that Google is now working with Blackberry to secure Android for business. And we know that there is a Blackberry device out there somewhere (codenamed Venice) that is supposed to be running the Android OS. With the new Blackberry and Android alliance (of sorts) could a combined effort take down Apple and its iPhone? One can only wonder. In the meantime, enjoy Duff McKagan’s Blackberry below and hit the link to read the whole blog post.


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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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